Pets take a big part of our lives, they touch us in unexpected ways and when they are gone our "furkids" leave a big void in our lives. We love them, we care for them, they become an integral part of the family. Unfortunately, we tend to outlive our pets and tangible things like photographs are a great way to remember them when they are with us no more. Doing a photoshoot of your pets, or even with them, is a great way to have lasting memories of your friend for life, be they furry, scaly, slimy or feathery, or whatever.


  • Life cycles - This is a long term project where we capture your pet at different stages of their lives. Often begun at the start of their lives and continued as they grow into adulthood.

  • Family portrait - Capturing the entire family from humans members, to furry members, to feathery members. Everyone is included!

  • You and your pet - Capturing the interaction between you and your pet that shows the special bond that unites you.

  • Filling a wall space - Have a wall that needs a little sprucing up? We can use that space and create a beautiful one-off or even a series of photos that compliments your decor, whether it is using canvases or lovely frames.

  • Social media - Share your pet with your friends & family.

  • Book - Coffee table book for your home or office waiting room.

  • Commercial - Create attention to your business with beautiful pet images.

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